Tuesday, 8 September 2015

"Fix Up Look Sharp"

On the 2nd of September I was invited to get my hair cut at Ena Salon, and since my DIY job in February this couldn't have been a more appropriate offer (maybe they saw something that needed fixing). 

Ena Salon is a sustainable hair and beauty hide out in Covent Garden, London. It's interior boasts all things re-usable and chic, normally I find salon's (not that Ive been to many, my Mum is often my go to hairdresser) quite clinical, however here you are welcomed with a warm reception area with mis-match seating, and a long table covered in hydrating and delectably munchable beverages and baked goods, so if you are thirsty and hungry, it's definitely got you covered. Ok so here is my experience...

Upon arrival I was greeted by the bubbliest and most natural receptionist who very flatteringly asked if I was there for the model casting, too kind, upon denying her whopper of a compliment I sat down and waited for Sam (Samuel Ryde, my hair stylist) and was offered a drink... from eye sight there were too many options so I declined at first (I'm too indecisive). As staff passed through they all smiled, and I felt at ease even pulling out my DSLR to take a few cheeky snaps. Sam greets me very warmly and invites me up to take a seat in the 'chair' I always get nervous at this bit... because what if it goes horribly wrong? !SPOILER ALERT! it didn't :D we talked through what we both wanted from my haircut that day, and then I was taken up to get my hair washed for a moisturising treatment. At Ena they are committed to the sustainable cause and use Davines OI hair products, as I sat back relaxed and in gentle conversation, my hair was thoroughly shampooed and conditioned even threw in a head massage, which was much needed after my stint at Leeds festival a few days prior, while this is all going on the surroundings and atmosphere are cosy and the ceiling covered in incredible coral reef illustrated stickers, to give your peepers something to look at, they thought of it all. Back in the chair, and Sam at the helm, with my mint tea at the ready and biscuits, he started chatting and chopping. I think it's fair to note that this salon has a family vibe, stylists and the like passing by were conversational with one another with an injection of fun in the air, seems like a pretty neat place to work. Having had the chop, which seemed very quick for something so accurate (I like it blunt) Sam styled it and popped me up to ensure all loose ends were trimmed and sharp, and boy is it sharp. Here's photographic evidence... I don't know If I can go back to settling for a bad bob again! 

Salon bits and the talent that is Samuel Ryde (sorry Sam)...

Here is their Philosophy...

"Ena Salon provides a unique London hair salon and beauty experience, in the heart of Covent Garden, close to Holborn and the City. Offering complete hair and beauty services, for both men and women, Ena Salon is the result of close friends who wanted to provide a salon experience with a difference, combining genuine care for clients and staff with expert haircutting, styling and colouring alongside holistic massage, waxing and nail care; all under one roof. A hair and beauty retreat of calm amongst the chaos and rush of everyday city life."

and I am very inclined to agree, not just because I got a free haircut but because It's true, the service is friendly and personal, they even pass on handy tips, so you get the best from your hair... I mean did you know that to get the most out of your conditioner it is best to towel dry before applying and rinsing out at a slightly colder temperature, if so, you are steps ahead of me. I'll end it on recommend.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to Sam and Ena Salon for having me and sending me on my way with hair to be proud of x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Cracking Culottes

Culottes have made a 'hyping' comeback this Spring/Summer, and like many trends that return they will also drift away and occasionally end up in the pages of "My weekly". But how can we make our cool culottes last longer than the trend intended? Here's how I think it will work, by selecting some of my favourite from the High Street...

Being fabricated from crepe, means they are quite sturdy, and the shape will create a feminine silhouette, that will mimic that of a high waisted full midi skirt, this will help these last longer in your wardrobe because you can wear them as both, dressing them for a formal and casual occasion. The fuller pant makes them versatile and keeps them super feminine by accentuating your waist. Being heavy weight fabric, means that they are not see-through when purchased in white and can be transitioned into autumn styles. I would wear these with a loose crop top, structured backpack and converse, or some strappy heeled sandals and a clutch for formal vibes, throwing on a sweater or denim shirt partly tucked in for those cooler days.

This is sold as a set and I agree with why, the lighter silk fabric in white could potentially mean they are see-through so teaming it with a longer top will keep your private areas un-exposed, which hopefully is a general preference. This style can also be transitioned from day to night by simply changing your footwear. Again, I selected these as the fuller style could deceive people in to thinking they are a midi skirt, which makes them very wedding guest friendly, so you can get down and dutty on the dance floor keeping your reputation in tact.

A culottes jumpsuit, isn't so much a focus on the styles lifespan but more so it's versatility as a single item. It can be styled with tops underneath, or a top/sweater over the top for example; a simple t-shirt can be worn over it and tied at the waist. It can also be belted to make it feel more styled. Again, this piece can easily be transitioned from formal to casual and vice versa. This one from Zara is in navy blue which is reminiscent of blue jeans, so styling can be similar to how you would style your denim.

I hope you found this helpful. Thank you for reading x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Better late then never... Over the "party season" I was fortunate enough to attend the Very Party beauty and fashion Edit event, where I got to select an outfit from their vast collection, which consisted of a divine MillieMackintosh x Very dress styled with metallic Shoebox sandals. I chose these items because I always think a bit of sparkle goes along way during the Winter seasons, and I love a well structured garment, where this dress did not disappoint, with bold shoulders, clean synched in waist and flippy hem skirt that accentuates all the right points of a body, and then basically stole my beauty inspiration from my A/W Baia bag shoot, because that brand knows what's happening! Here are some visuals and what Very (quite rightly) predicted for the Party season. Find more visuals of this splendid adventure over on my Youtube channel.

^ [Photo | Instagram] ^
Hair: Lee Stafford Root Boost Moose Spray
Base: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation | YSL Touche Eclat Illuminator | Collection lasting perfection concealer
Bronzer: MAC Matte Bronze bronzing powder
Eyes: Urban Decay Basics Shadow Palette | Stila stay all day waterproof liquid liner | Eyelure No.159 false lashes
Eyebrows: Illamasqua clear gel
^ [Photo | Leanne Lim-Walker] ^
Shoes: Shoebox 

^ [Photos | Me] ^

 ^ [Photos | Courtesy of Very] ^

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Leanne Lim-Walker | Ashleigh | Whitney | Debs | Lorna Patrick | Joanna 

 I'd love to know what you wore over the party season or what you wished you had worn?

Thanks for reading, and a huge Thanks to Very.co.uk and Miriam who hosted and put on such a smashing event xxx

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Miss Rebel

Miss Rebel is an online store that sells garments in keeping with current fashion trends at pound saving prices, so that makes this an out of ordinary post for myself. However, as much as I love expensive things, my purse is not as fat as my fashion dreams allow, so in ode to that, Miss Rebel has allowed me to select two pieces from their range to style, and generously given you ladies a 10% discount code JACQ10 to enter at checkout, so please do enjoy that, as well as these images of the items I chose (Am I allowed to say cool) ...

Jacket - MissRebel
Top - MissRebel
Leather Trousers - Zara
Necklace - LylaLoves
Boots - Dr Martens

I will admit to you that I was pleasantly surprised, the quality was much better than I had anticipated, and blows Topshop Jersey range out of the water (I compare it to this because the price range is pretty much the same, but you get more for your money and these pieces have kept their shape). OK, so the clothes you order aren't the Miss Rebel brand, but miscellaneous brands that I can't say I have come across on the High Street before (Another plus if you are one who loves to rock those  underground garms). I chose this adorably fluffy knit jacket (That does come with a belt, but when have you seen me style a belt?) it's built with a silky smooth lining, giving your skin a soft cuddle, it also hangs just below my buttocks, which I usually struggle with being 5ft 9" so I was an extremely happy lady, I will however say that the outer fabric although very soft has a plastic shimmer in particular light, but this can only be expected when buying in synthetic fabrics, at £30.00, in my opinion you get what you paid for and slightly more. The second and final option I selected was a Military green mesh insert Tee; that perhaps if I read the description I would of known the body was polyester and not jersey, so although it doesn't sound like a plus, visually and financially it is, at £14.99 you are getting something that you would normally pay £25.00 or more on the high street for. The fact that the Top is made from a stiffer fabric makes it appear more expensive, and allows it to be transcended from day to night more forgivingly then Jersey ever will. The mesh sleeves keep their shape, to add structure which I liked, although it is one of those fabrics you wished when you were shopping for your house essentials you invested in the steamer instead of the iron. Enough of my ramblings, I hope I've given you clothes for thought.

Thanks for reading, and happy shopping x

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

MY Winter Beauty Essentials

I think it's safe to say that Winter has officially arrived, but what makes this news less intimidating to me are the beauty products that keep me feeling hydrated and looking lively, so I thought I'd share them with you...

1. BodyShop Tea Tree Facial Wash (£5.00) - This is by far my favourite BodyShop face wash to date, and I have trailed and tested quite a few. I am a sucker for a product that gives me the physical sensation that it is actively working, it feels and smells so fresh, and isn;t harsh on the skin. Although if you are looking for a face wash that beats off your makeup independently, this is most probably not the one for you.

2. BodyShop Coconut Body Butter (£13.00) - I am in love with this body lotion, it is non greasy and leaves my skin feeling delightfully hydrated with a subtle coconut scent that send joyous vibes up my nostrils every application.

3. Indeed Hydraluron (£24.99) - Is the most exceptional product created if you suffer from dry skin on the face, like I do, especially during the Winter months. I am head over heels for Hydraluron and I don't care who knows it, my face is not going anywhere without applying this on first.

4.Cetaphil (£8.99) - A no fuss paragon free, dermatologist recommended lotion that works a treat on dehydrated skin. I personally use this as purely a face moisturiser, as it contains no harsh chemicals and doesn't irritate my extremely sensitive skin. I have now said so long Baby Johnson's Lotion, to continue life as a physical adult the (but it is really just what works best for you).

5. Laura Mercier 'Radiance' Foundation Primer (£29.00) - is the ideal primer to imitate that Summer glow throughout the Winter. Unlike, many other declared 'illuminating' bases this does not contain any sparkly pigments, but has a consistent gentle golden shimmer that glows in the Winter sun.

6. Givenchy Le Prisme Blush 'It-Girl Purple' (£30.50) - Is a matte pink that simply creates those perfect winter blushed cheeks.

7. Burt's Bees Lip Balm (£3.69) - Is my ideal lip balm, it is non-sticky, non-greasy and does what it says on the tin. I have kept to the original since my first time, and although some would call that boring, I ask, why change something my lips love and that clearly works (Although it could be just because I am getting old, and new tricks are not my best lesson).

If you use or try out these products, it would be great to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

a TOAST to Autumn

Whilst conjuring up dream outfits via polyvore, I was drawn like a moth to a flame to an item from Toast, I had heard of this brand in many passing conversations, but never took the time to explore it's wonders. So with an overwhelming urge to binge, after that small bite of the brand, I finally took myself over for the full slice. 

And my, my, my it is the ideal flavour for Autumn, providing an array of classic shaped knits and a divine spread of coats that appear with effortless style and charisma. This does of course come at an artisan price, with the cheapest knit starting at £99.00 which isn't within everyone's budget, mine included. However I am a strong preacher that price is irrelevant when it comes to a fashion items longevity, and these timeless shapes and fabrics are going to last a lifetime (if looked after). Personally, I am going to save my pennies in a Toast shaped bank, as I see it as more of an investment then a frivilous spend... which I am also a sucker for, but trying my hardest as I mature, to fill my wardrobe with items that I can pull out time and time again.  

Let's take a moment now to visually appreciate what I am jabbering on about...

[All images are sourced from Toast.com]

Image 1 - Roslyn Maxi Dress £145.00
Image 2 - Anna Tunic £135.00 | Rea Midi Skirt £149.00
Image 3 - Long Shearling Wrap Coat £1,295.00 | Erica Tunic £125.00 | Maia Skirt £115.00
Image 4 - Hanna Sweater £99.00 | Nille Trouser £145.00 
Image 5 - Elisabet Tunic £145.00
Image 6 - Amina Sweater £139.00 | Alina Skirt £175.00
Image 7 - Ioanna Coat £295.00

Please Note: That when buying a higher priced garment to always consider its fabrication, Toast knits are 100% wool, if you are paying a premium price for a synthetic fabric, it is in my opinion that it is not an item worth spending your money on.

Thank you for reading x

Sunday, 12 October 2014


I was invited by Vegas.com to take part in their #CosmopolitanChic challenge. Set within the bright lights of Vegas, I am extremely enthusiastic about this styling challenge, since the party season is just around the corner, I can well and truly indulge myself in my fashion dreams with the concept of a day  and night in Vegas (I've set my sights high). The Cosmopolitan provides an extravagant and eclectic lifestyle throughout the day and night, so the point is that we don't really want to be wasting time rummaging through our suitcase... 

With that in mind I wanted to focus my styling around one item 'The Leather Pant' (sourced from J-Brand) being a sucker for clean line fabrics I am well and truly smitten over this staple piece. With every outfit, I like to select one key piece to build from, with the skinny leather trouser making this task an easy one.

For daytime I have sourced pieces to create an outfit that has a boyish flare, with feminine touches. Layering a sheer shirt with a plunge lace bra screams sexual liberation without being intrusive, plus that contrast of a floaty fabric with the hard leather, is a match made in heaven. To accentuate your legs I have chosen a chunky boot with a 'rock' edge, as to not completely eradicate that leather feeling. So far this outfit is made up of black on black, which makes a great base to add this sandy oversized jacket, a bohemian midnight blue fedora and structured satchel to create layers upon layers of goodness. I also think that silver jewellery emphasises a casual daytime affair contributing to an effortless beauty and confidence that this outfit speaks.

A day at The Cosmopolitan, Vegas

When thinking about Vegas, I conjure up themed images inspired from all walks of life, so in ode to all things Vegas, I drew inspiration from, (where else, but) the Orient. I wanted something sultry and exotic, so thinking contemporary 'Memoirs of A Geisha' I have carried the Leather pant over into the night with a luxurious plunge neck cami top with an open back, adding a solid gold choker to draw attention to the elegance of the neck and an upper arm cuff as to not neglect the importance of your arms. I think gold is the perfect colour when accessorising for night time, it just has a more opulent appearance. Now for the oriental elements... I was just knocked down by sheer delight from these Charlotte Olympia China embellished wedge platforms (no explanation needed), and I couldn't of been more pleased to find this Fitzgerald dragon embellished clutch with tassel (dribbles). To finish this look off I would don these M.A.C corner eyelashes to accentuate the length of my eye with of course, the signature liquid liner flick. To carry through that exotic red from your head to your toes, this sumptuous red lipstick aptly named 'Love Bite' pulls the outfit together, with all body parts considered. 
A night at The Cosmopolitan Vegas

I would love to know if you have been to Vegas, if you would wear these outfits, or what you have or would wear yourself. Use the #CosmpolitanChic when posting.

Thank you for reading x